About Us

Sonya here!

Growing up in an Indo-Canadian household, chai (indian tea) was a staple brew at home. I would watch my mom and dad grind fresh spices in the mortar and bring them to a boil with milk on the stove. The scent of cardamom and cloves would waft through the house welcoming everyone to the kitchen. 

After moving away for school, I missed my homemade masala chai. I settled for what I could fine in the local coffee chains, mostly out of convenience due to a busy lifestyle. It wasn’t until I traveled to India in 2013 that I was reintroduced to authentic masala chai and those cherished memories started flooding back. Over there, chai was served with each meal. The chaiwalla (literally: tea man) would come around after lunch and bring around little glasses of tea for all of us to enjoy. 

Ever since I returned to Canada, I’ve craved that real masala chai. Sometimes I grind up my own spices to get the flavours just right but it’s tough to find time to start from scratch every time I get a craving. After a few years of joking about starting my own chai company, here we are!
I hope you enjoy our tea as much as we enjoyed crafting it for you! - S